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Round 3 WAMCARE charity ebay auction of celebrity signed items March 20th-30th

The first two rounds of the WAMCARE auction were very successful! Thank you to everyone who bid, and spread the word!


Current items on EBAY until March 30th include signed photos by:


Henry Cavill (The Tudors)

Julie Walters (Harry Potter)

Angel Coulby (Merlin)

Susan Sarandon (Thelma and Louise)

Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City)

Kevin Kuranyi (Schalke 04 football player)

Ashleigh Brewer (Neighbours)

Alan Fletcher (Neighbours)

Lorraine Kelly (GMTV)

Aaron Pritchett (Country singer)

Laurie Brett (Eastenders)

Tony Blair autopen (former UK Prime Minister)


All profits from this auction are going to top quality biomedical research including a large share to the Whittemore Peterson Institute / and ME Research UK /

Information and photos can be found on the WAMCARE blog here:

The blog will be updated again with the next items due to be auctioned once this auction has finished.

The link to the WAMCARE EBAY shop can be found here

Information about the auction and how to use EBAY and Paypal can be found on the WAMCARE blog here:

Most of the celebrity signed items can be found on our newly updated website here


You can also find out more information about ME/CFS and why research is essential on our website.

Please spread the word! Thank you!


Laura Dunks – President and fundraising

Michelle Martin – Vice President, merchandise, website and newsletter editor.

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